Kelly Harrah - Mother's Mosaic BoxI started doing mosaics at the end of 2010 when I made a book of photos from a trip to Italy with my mother as a gift. I wanted to present the book in something so I had a box and proceeded to mosaic it with a fleur-de-lis design and a checkered background in Italian Florentine colors. I enjoyed doing the project so much that I did another box with a Croatian infinity symbol for my father. I then started making vases and frames until I decided to take on more challenging projects such as those I do today.

My customers are people who appreciate quality, handmade art for display or use in their homes or businesses. Each handcrafted piece I create is special and one of a kind. I can do work that’s tailored to your specific preferences to match the motif of your home, office or place of business.

TulipsMy business is unique because I don’t do what a person would consider ordinary mosaics. I incorporate different mosaic styles into my work. I work with multiple materials such as glass, stone, marble, Italian smalti and brick. Using diverse materials allows me to create unique fine art and design pieces which can be displayed and used such as panels, frames, trays and mirrors.

Finishing a fine art piece and sharing with others what I have produced is something that gives me great pride and fulfillment.

If you want high quality, fine art mosaic panels, mosaic trays, mosaic frames, mosaic mirrors, custom residential mosaics or other business mosaics, call me today and get the custom mosaic that’s perfect for your needs!




“Thank you for the LOVELY mirror!”

Annabella Lwin, New York

“That is really good.”

Woody, Paradise Valley

“Awesome detail.”

Pamela, Laguna Beach

“So beautiful!”

Robert, Los Angeles

The eyes are amazing.

Rudy, Chino

What an AMAZING glass mosaic!

Deborah, Portland

Just LOVE it! A million THANK yous!

Brigitte, Snohomish